It is the first episode of the series. This episode they recounstruct Spinosaurus.

Featured AnimalsEdit

  • Spinosaurus: A dinosaur with huge claws, a long snout and a sail on its back. It is seen killing a Rugops after it killed a baby Paralititan. It then chases a Rugops and kills it. It is also seen walking towards Sarcosuchus and slashes the croc apart. Then, we see it attack a Paralititan before being smacked in the face. It deafets Carcaharodontosaurus by smacking it int he face, but at the end was killed and eaten by a pack of Rugops when he wants to steal a dead Paralititan.
  • Rugops: A dinosaur 30 foot long killing machine. One kills a baby Paralititan. Then it is snatched and killed by a  male Spinosaurus. The other was being chased by the Spinosaurus but was killed. Then a pack took down a Paralititan before having a Spinosaurus attempt to steal the food, but the pack's numbers are so great, the theropods kill and eat the Spinosaurus.
  • Paralititan: A huge sauropod whom the adults are safe, but the babies are far easier targets. A baby was killed by a Rugops and a teenager nearly kills a Spinosaurus. The teenage male smacks the Spinosaurus in the head.
  • Sarcosuchus: A crocodile with an elongated snout. It was shown feeding on a Paralititan. Then it was killed by Spinosaurus when the left side of its neck is torn off.
  • Carcharodontosaurus: A theropod that is like Allosaurus from the Jurassic. It is shown feeding on a Paralititan. Then it was killed by Spinosaurus when the it is smacked in the face..