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Great American Predator is the 4th episode of Monsters Resurrected. It focus's on Acrocanthosaurus, a 40 foot long killing machine. A Tenontosaurus waves its tail to keep Acro away, but after it stops, acro slashes it and bites its neck. Then, three Acrocanthosaurus hunt down a Paluxysaurus, a sauropod. Two Acro's are killed by the Paluxysaurus' tail, but the third jumps on it bites it, and as it slows down, bites it in the leg, then the killer blow on the neck. It is shown killing and eating another Tenontosaurus in the forest, but is scared away by a pack of dromaeosaurids(raptors) called Deinonychus. Acro is forced to hunt harder prey. He challenges Sauropelta, an armored herbivore, at a creek. The Sauropelta is too hard and arco is forced to quit. An adult Acrocanthosaurus is also seen chasing a Tenontosaurus and killing it. Notice the difference between the adult and the juveniles.

Animals featured

  • Acrocanthosaurus: The main dinosaur of the show and is shown killing anything it sees.
  • Tenontosaurus: It is a commonly seen dinosaur in the show, and is shown prey for "acro".
  • Paluxysaurus: A sauropod. Kills two Acro's but one manages to keep up and kill it.
  • Sauropelta: A armored herbivore. It was too hard of a prey for "Arco".
  • Deinonychus: A raptor. He is seen in packs scaring away a young "Acro".