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Tylosaurus is seen in "T-rex of the Deep". It is the largest carnivore that has ever lived. They are shown as the main predator of the Cretaceous sea, killing Plesiosaurs, Ginsu Sharks, and Xiphactinus. Tylosaurus is 45-52 feet (13.7-15.8 meters) long and weighs 30 tons.


  • They were called 'the T. Rex of the deep'.
  • The largest species of mosasaur was Tylosaurus, which roamed the North American seas from 83-75 million years ago.
  • In 2015, a Japanese species of mosasaur with large eyes was discovered.
  • The first reconstruction of mosasaurs depicted it as a land animal, unlike the common sea monster we know.
  • In Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S., the original script showed a giant mosasaur washed up on the beach after being killed by Godzilla, but the idea was later scrapped.


  • The mosasaur in the show was probably Tylosaurus, as it was bigger than the Ginsus and around the size of Elasmosaurus.
  • While it's depicted as being black in some parts, it lacks a tail fluke, which we now know many mosasaurs had.